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Nearly 1,000,000 students already LOVE STEM Jobs. The STEMJobs tool kit is full of engaging activities teachers use in the classroom. Students love the industry spreads, hot jobs posters and interviews.

Now, they can say it's thanks to you!

Showcase your university or business across all STEM Jobs Tool Kit materials as a STEM Leader. Reach students directly in the classroom.

Give Them The Resources To Succeed

Educators love STEM Jobs resources and want more of them.  These schools are highly engaged and have taken a grassroots approach.

Many teachers have turned this sponsorship opportunity into classroom projects  that involve 

cultivating scripts, scene selections, filming and 

editing...STEM all the way!

They have raised their hand to receive STEM Jobs Toolkits! They want to engage and connect their classes in new ways. 

By sponsoring a high school your organization can 

provide those toolkits, equip classrooms across the world and have a direct impact on our next generation. 

Over 400 High Schools 

Are Looking for Sponsors

Our materials integrate current trends into student's everyday lives in creative ways.  We expand minds to all the awesomeness STEM has to offer. You can help us lead the way.

We Make STEM Interesting AND Fun 

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In the Classroom

New ways to bridge the skills gap

Most students don’t realize that STEM is the key to a job they will love. 

The materials your sponsorship provides give high school students a fresh 

perspective on how STEM can be the key to an amazing career.

Connect Classrooms to Careers

The STEM Jobs resources your 

Sponsorship provides let students 

know about cool STEM jobs in 

industries ranging from sports to 

science, beauty to biology, and more. 

Your support and presence are felt 

and seen every day and students

view your institution is a key part 

of their future in STEM.

More Students Seeking STEM Training and Degrees

In order for students to want to pursue a STEM degree or training program, teachers first need help answering the question of “When will I ever use this?” 

Your sponsorship gives teachers the answers and helps students understand how your institution can give them the 

STEM training they need..

Educators Guidebook

What does sponsoring a high school include?

5-E Lesson Plans

Hot Jobs Posters

Each issue of the magazine comes with a set of 5E-model lesson plans that have student's 

experience a “day in the life” of people in amazing STEM fields. 

All of our lessons are built by educators with years of experience teaching STEM and are tied to state and national standards.

Each issue of the magazine comes with four posters, which feature 10 hot jobs in different 

industries. Students get to learn what people in those jobs do, what they make, who trains for 

them and who is hiring.

STEM Jobs Magazine

The content in STEM Jobs Magazine and at STEM engages students with stories of people just like them who have amazing jobs in STEM around what they were passionate about.

Your organization's name & logo will be added to all magazines delivered to sponsored high schools.

Sponsoring a high school or district helps provide schools with the STEM resources they so desperately want and need!

The STEM Jobs Educator’s guidebook provides seven principles that are essential to implementing successful STEM education programs. 

Additionally, the guide walks educators through our patent pending STEM Type quiz – providing an in-depth understanding of each of the eight STEM Types and how students can utilize the tool to find colleges and careers they will love. 

STEM Jobs has packaged all of this into a unique sponsorship program giving you the opportunity to provide local schools with these amazing resources.

Glen Zollman, VP of STEM Jobs and Ellen Egley, STEM Jobs Content Manager provide some background around the development of the magazine, including some behind the scenes information on the people featured. 

They’ll also walk through each of the four lesson plans that come with each delivery. Helping teachers better understand the purpose of the lessons and how to maximize those resources

Implementation Webinars

Teachers will love the STEM Jobs materials your sponsorship provides and students will know it was your support that started them on the path to a career where they can do what they love.

Everybody sponsors little league…

why not sponsor something that will 

make a real difference?